ZIPATO – Z-Wave 3 in 1 Multisensor


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Product Features:

The Door/Window 3 in 1 sensor provides: door/window, temperature and illumination sensor. The sensor consists of two parts; a Detector and a Magnet.

They are designed to be fitted to doors or windows with the Magnet mounted on the opening part and the Detector mounted on the fixed frame. Opening the protected door/window will remove the magnetic field, trigger the detector and generate an alarm condition, (if the system is armed). The sensor can also be applied to automatic light control, one scenario is to get the illumination lux level from built in illumination sensors and send a signal to Z-wave switch to turn the light on once we open the door when the room is dark.

Every time when Door/Window sensor is triggered, the sensor will also send temperature and illumination value as well. Also the temperature will send out the value when temperature changes.

Additional information

Model Type

Wave Transmitter

Power Supply

one 3V CR123A

Temperature Sensor

-10 to 70 ° C

Light Sensor

0-500 lux